Om Yoga

~ Saturday mornings Flow Yoga with Sarah at 8:30-9:30am ~


New yoga students may purchase a 30 Day Unlimited Yoga Pass for only $49! With this pass you may attend any class on our current schedule (experience required for Sunrise Yoga) for 30 days from the date of purchase. Offer expires 10/31/18.

~COMING SOON to Om Yoga & Wellness Center~

Aerozen Aerial Yoga Workshops & Classes

Aerozen Float and Fly classes are a playful and versatile form of aerial yoga- with the use of a loop of fabric called a yoga hammock or swing- to reimagine or refine traditional yoga poses, and invent new ones.  Classes take the form of a flowing movement series, working with the breath through a fluid sequence of poses and postures.

Aerial yoga has multiple benefits for mind and body:

~allows deeper/passive stretching by working with gravity, offering a greater release with minimal

tension and reduced joint strain

~increases core and upper body strength

~encourages neutral alignment, creating space in the body and decompressing the spine, especially in inversions

~offers myofascial release through the soft compression of the fabric

~Helps to build confidence, conquer fear, encourages curiosity, and deepens relaxation