~Spring Dates to Remember~

~PiYowith Kimberly McCall~ 3rd Friday of the month 8:30-9:30am

A class that combines core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga for a low-impact, high-intensity workout that that sculpts and tones your body.              

 April 20th ~ May 18th

Beginning in March 2018
YOGA for ATHLETES ~ Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
Beginners and ages 14 years+ welcome!!!
INTRODUCING…Yoga for Athletes, a class for  beginners or those practicing yoga that would like to enhance their athletic performance and prevent injuries by improving overall strength, balance, agility, endurance, and flexibility.  Whether you participate in sports, golf, cycling, running or any other form of exercise it is beneficial to compliment your activity with yoga.           Many of us already know that athletes all over the world use yoga to benefit their athleticism.  Yoga increases flexibility in your soft tissues so you are less likely to strain or sprain any joints or muscles. Research has shown other benefits of yoga for athletes include increased energy, body awareness, concentration, breath control, stress relief, and inspiration.

First class for new students ~ $5 

Drop-In Class ~  $10

4 Class Pass ~ $40 

Students (8th-12th grade) 4 Class Pass ~ $30 

Upcoming Workshop ~ Sunday, April 29th 1-3pm

Yoga for Two: Prenatal Yoga Workshop 

Om Yoga